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Experienced (17+ yrs) Digital Products Creator and Marketer (Web apps, CMS, elearning, eCommerce, Blog networks, mobile apps & More)

Career Summary


1. An easy, all-in-one online publishing / payments platform for businesses & professionals.

2. The Success  Series of self-help and self-improvement guides (Available online/as a PDF).

3. 2100+ online quizzes (backed with useful analytics) to help you test and improve your basic knowledge of all major subjects – there are 300,000+ questions in the database. Launched in 2013, 500000+ people have taken a test on Basicversity. 1 million more questions will be added (along with a freemium version) soon.

4. Online Book Creator CMS (Content Management System): There was no existing CMS built for creating an online book experience, so I developed one. The Success Manual guides are hosted online ( ) based on the new CMS.

5. An online community to create, share, vote and discuss on many kinds of polls, summaries and idea pitches.

6. Nutrition encyclopedia (development) + Food calorie burn calculators, all-in-one health stats calculators etc.

7. Online news summaries. The back-end is based on a proprietory all-in-one content management system.

8. Bighow Online Journalism Handbook: A comprehensive guide for bloggers -

9. Mediavidea: Blog on online journalism and new media trends URL:

10. The Gist (e-book) Concise summaries of 220+ greatest business and self-improvement books of all time.

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Online Presentations
1. Nine Rules for Online Journalism
2. What is wrong with Media?
3. What is Good Journalism?
4. The A to Z of New Media

Skills: Content Editor,News Analysis,UIX,Content Marketing,Elearning,,,

Job Experience: April 2016 – Founder / Product Manager, The Simple Project October 2015 – March 2016, Ecommerce Consultant, (B2B marketplace) March 2013 – September 2015, Digital Marketing/Product Head, March 2012 - Founder, June 2010 - Feb 2012: Senior Editor, Innodata Isogen Feb 2007 - April 2010: Managing Editor and Project Manager, Simplemedia Sep 2005 - Jan 2007: Founding Managing Editor of Instablogs blog network Jan 2001- July 2005: Editor, Thinking

Job Industry: Web Info Design