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The story behind eMove.io started with 2 passionate people that wanted to revolutionize the moving industry by learning and coming up with better solutions. We strive to always listen to feedback, improve and offer the best price on the market. Our software was created not just for big moving companies, but for the small ones as well, which is one of the reasons we offer a fair price and an easy, intuitive user interface, that everyone would be able to learn and use.

Being a small company ourselves, we want to help other small companies grow and thrive as well. We want to do things better and more efficiently than our competition. We don’t shy away from work so that we can provide your moving company with the best experience and customer support.

We are located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania but we accept and help any moving company, no matter their size or location and we offer customer support in English. Our user interface, however, can be customized in any language that you prefer.

If we convinced you to give us a try sign up at eMove.io request a trial and take our moving software for a spin!


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