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General FAQs

Some Quick Answers For Your Questions About Using Truho

1. I want to create an account

It's easy. Just Click Here 

To confirm your Truho account, you need to respond to the email sent to the address you provided during account creation.

If you do not receive that message, check your junk/bunk folders in case it was accidentally marked as spam.

2. I lost my Truho password.

If you forget what your password is, all you have to do is click on the 'Forgot Password' link. Even after that, if you have any problems, contact Truho and let us know.

A few things to keep in mind:

If your email is provided by an anonymizing service or requires approval before delivery you will not be able to recover your password.

Always choose a secure password. If your password is easily guessed and someone comes along and steals your account, you will not be able to recover that account. 

Change your password often. Just go to the 'basic settings' section.

Be sure that your spam filters allow email notifications from Truho.

3. I don't like my 'username' anymore and want it changed/deleted.

We can't help you out with that one, unfortunately. We don't delete 'usernames' and we don't change usernames. Unused or seemingly abandoned accounts are not available for "recycling."

4. I want to submit a source icon for my website/image.

Just makes sure your image is less than 300 kb, and also complies with our posting rules here and here.

5. Is there a Truho app for iOS/Android?

We are doing our best to make Truho look fully functional (please forgive the alliteration) on all devices. Currently, we are not that hot on apps. But we are not ruling that either.

6. How can I help track down a bad post/offer/listing?

We have a cute little 'flag' link on the bottom of each listing. Use it to report anything that you find objectionable. Also check our list of prohibited items and quick guide to etiquette.

7. Where can  I get more help on using Truho better?

Read these guides and articles. Bookmark this page. We will keep adding more guides, and videos too, so you can really be awesome online.

8. What do I do about 'bad' listings on Truho?

A. Please use the 'flag' button - it is on every listing, business, products, services or events.

B. If you are not satisfied with a purchase from a business, raise a 'dispute' asap. Just use the 'dispute' clink in your dashboard.

C. Get in touch with us using the 'feedback' link.

9. Is it all free?

Truho is free for all professionals (resume, 'hire me', and all other goodies). Businesses will have to cough up nominal payments on a per use basis.