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Truho wants you to participate in a safe marketplace. We have already listed things you cannot publish or sell on Truho. Time now for a brief on professional-looking and clear listings and promotions.

Basically, it all comes down to: Never publish anything that misleads the user. We hope you only publish and share stuff that are relevant, useful, and easy to understand and act upon.

1. Don't share 'dark pattern' style offers and listings:

Dark patterns are web design techniques that trick users. With this in mind, please avoid

- Misleading titles

- Offers leading to misleading URLs: e.g. Displaying but leading to some otehr website.

- Use gimmicky words, numbers, letters, punctuation, or symbols such as FREE, f-r-e-e, and F₹€€!!

- Links leading to websites that are under construction, parked domains, or are just not working.

- Links leading to websites that have disabled the browser's back button.

- Links leading to websites that users cannot view in commonly used browsers

2. A list of common Don'ts

- Don't repost deleted content/links.

- Don't post graphic images or links to graphic content.

- Don't post repetitively.

- Don't post useless clickbait.

- Don't encourage others to perform illegal acts.

- Don't post hate speech.

- Don't post broken images/links.

- Don't post private/contact information no matter how easily obtained.

- Don't troll/harass other Truho users.

- Don't troll/harass Truho or its admin/moderators.

- Don't do Attention Whoring - for example, don't do reviews and feedbacks just because you like the attention.

- Don't attempt to hack, flood, DoS, DDoS, or otherwise compromise Truho.

- Don't post illegal content of any kind.

- Don't post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images or unlabeled NSFW links.

To paraphrase the golden rule: Be helpful and the internet will be helpful to you.