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Truho for Professionals

No more using multiples online websites to publicize your expertise and generate more work. And no more spam from Linkedin!

If you are a professional, you will find Truho more to your liking. 

(An actual professional's page on Truho)

Seven things professionals can do with their Truho page:

1. Publish your resume: Truho gives you a clean url for your resume. Just use the easy template, fill in the fields and your resume is live for the world to see! You can also take a pdf version of your resume.

2. Create a 'Projects' page: This is useful for if you are a creative professional or a freelancer.

3. Post a "Hire-me" button: You can track new hiring leads in your Truho dashboard and respond to promising leads right there.

4. Post professional advice in 'News' section and develop a following.

5. Have an "Ask-me" page: This is where other Truho users can ask you questions and you can reply if you want to.

6. Publish a "Now" Page with latest updates: This is a Truho specialty.

Think of your 'Now' page as a Twitter page with one big tweet, where you can write what you are up to nowadays.

7. Create special pages: This is for any other page you need. 

8. Once a Truho member, an individual or a business, you can also,

Review businesses, products, services and events listed on Truho.

Like  businesses, products, services and events listed on Truho.

Follow businesses and professionals you like to see more deals & advice from.

And do more...

Tip: Just use the Truho dashboard ('gears' icon on top right) to manage your Truho activity.