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Truho for Businesses Selling Services

Truho is best for four kinds of businesses:

1. Small businesses needing a simple all-in-one web presence,

2. Retail businesses who can use the 'offers' section to promote their deals and create a following,

3. Shops and kind who kind use the 'store mode' to sell stuff quickly while also giving cashbacks, and

4. Service businesses.

We are especially excited about Truho tools for service-oriented businesses.

How you can start listing and selling your service on Truho right now:

1. Click on the 'gears' icon on rtop right, and click on 'service'. Now, start listing your service. 

2. If you are listing your service on Truho, you can push coupons and cashbacks to promote your service right from the 'service' section in the Truho dashboard.

3. If you have an existing listing for your services, no worries. You can share the latest offers for your service/s in the 'Truho offers' section.

There are four kinds of services you can list/promote/both using Truho:

1. Appointment: Doctors, therapists, trainers, salons, etc

2. Enquiry: For leads

3. Order: For one time purchase of normal services such as web development services, etc.

4. Subscribe: For recurring purchases.

Tip: If you have multiple services to sell, in the 'services' section on your Truho dashboard, click on first tab and write in an introduction for your services.