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Truho for Businesses

No more using multiples online services, or taking technical help, or paying big money for simple web presence services.

With, managing a web presence is as simple as managing your social media account.

Truho gives you easy templates to fill so you can quickly create:

1. A complete website ( About, F.A.Q., Terms, Feedback, & more)

2. Job openings page

3. Product / Services/ Events Listings

4. Offers, Deals, & Coupons) to promote your business

(an actual business on Truho)

1. If you are a new business (or, haven't made a website yet)

Truho gives you all you need to create an effective online presence.

Create all the basic pages for your Business: 

About page

Terms of use page

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page

News page

Now (Latest Updates) page

Lead Generation pages

Special pages

Job Openings, and 


Tip: Start by adding a decent logo and then describe what your company does, and why potential followers should care. The first 156 characters are especially important, as that’s what will appear in the Google preview of your company page.

List your products/services/events.

Promote your business: Share your offers & deals.

- Using your Truho dashboard, track your Truho activity: Important stats, manage offers and posts, manage followers of your Truho page, feedback, and more.

You can always access the dashboard from the 'gears' icon on top right

2. If you are an established business, with your own website and presence on other important outposts on the internet

Truho gives you the only place to share the best things about your business

- your marketing campaigns and your best messages for your customers.

- Share your offers / deals on Truho Offers Page. 

Go straight to the dashboard, click on 'offers', and start sharing exciting deals.

Regular offers will you develop a following for your business page on Truho, where people are following you just for the deals!

More followers get you more business.

- Post your job openings in Truho Jobs.

3. If you want to know whether people love your business/brand well enough to recommend it to others.

Use the NPS ('Net Promoter Score') poll tool, which you can use to gauge people's preference and love for your brand.

See an example here.

Just share the link with your customers on all your online outposts. (The link is on your Truho home page).

4. Multiple ways for your customers / clients to get in touch

- General feedback

- Request a quote / Request an offer feature: Messages where customers seek a special pricing (if available)

5. Truho specials:

Data downloading: You don't want a centralized entity to own all your data. Already, Truho gives you the tools to download your data. 

How to do this: From the 'gears' icon on top, click on 'download your data'.

6. Other things you can do as a Truho member:

Review businesses, products, services and events listed on Truho.

Like  businesses, products, services and events listed on Truho.

Follow businesses you like to see more deals from.

And do more...

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