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Truho For Brands

Great tools

Truho has a comprehensive set of business publishing options for all kinds of businesses. You may already have a good business going on, and a recognizable brand firing on all its cylinders.

Truho gives you tools to enhance the reach of your brand, by pushing offers/deals and useful updates about your location/s and products, giving people a reason to follow your business. 

Simple ways to get your brand story out

As you already know, people follow business pages on sites such as Facebook mostly for the deals, only deals.

Stop wasting your money on noisy marketing campaigns that are at best a distraction for your target customers/ users.

Truho is only for business

Truho doesn't want to do what Wordpress and some others are doing - It is not a purely blogging platform. Truho helps you publish things online that bring more mileage (and business) for you.

1. Get more insights about your brand

Truho has this nifty NPS ('Net Promoter Score') poll tool, which you can use to gauge people's preference and love for your brand.

See an example. (Just share the NPs link for your Truho page on all your online outposts.)

2. Share your latest offers/deals

Using Truho doesn't necessarily mean dedicating resource on sharing things, just make sure you have shared all your current offers on Truho offers page. Save your bandwidth for other pressing things in your business. 

Be a part of the most exciting place to share deals online

That's all Truho needs from you. In return, you get more visibility for your brand! The more offers you share, the more dedicated followers you will get for your business page, eventually bringing you more business!

3. Share job openings in your business.

Truho gives you a simpler and efficient way to share the latest job openings in your business in Truho jobs section

We can even publish your latest offers for you. 

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