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How To Write Interesting And Useful 'Now' Pages

'Now' pages are a Truho special, where you create and maintain a running log of what you are currently up to - projects, readings, inspirations, links to useful and interesting stuff you have posted elsewhere on the internet.

- You can also curate a list of the best links/resources on your industry on your 'Now' page.

- Write a line or two about what you think about the current state of affairs in your industry.

- Summarize some new thing in your field that you have learned recently, under a 'things i learned' heading on your 'Now ' page.

- Share your trade secrets.

- Take them behind the scene: Write some interesting happenings from your latest project/job.

- If nothing comes to mind, start with a summary of your life so far. That would make for an interesting read, right?

- Share something small every day. 

These are some ideas. Just remember to make a 'Now' page that makes people to come check it out regularly.

A sample 'Now' page on Truho: