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How To Write Better Short Online Profiles

1. Let's start with what not to do: Avoid buzzwords. The internet has its share of 'disrupting the web development industry', don't you think? . Just be clear: "I make successful e-commerce websites for big clients." This one also gives hope to your future clients.

2. Just start with mentioning the important keywords about the industry you are in: "E-commerce web development, Magento experts - That's what we have been doing for past 6 years."

3. Mention your location if it is something that you think will work in your branding.: "The most experienced web developers in Bihar". This one is intriguing as well.

4. If what you do is something that needs explaining to the wider world, do explain, but in simple words: "We make sure your website doesn't go down unnecessarily" (DDOS protection experts)

5. If you are creating your Truho page to send traffic to your website/store/blog, mention the link.

For individual user especially: What is the story of your life in one line?