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How To Write Better Online Job ads

(Truho Jobs page)

1. Mention the important keywords in your job title and job description: Mention the industry, job role, job type (full time/part time) etc in the title and the description.

2. Job titles:

Mentioning responsibility: manager, executive, etc

Mentioning level of the job: Junior programer, etc

Mentioning job role: Web developer, call center executive, etc

Mentioning job level as well as job responsibilities: Lead programmer, etc

3. Position: Write a line or two about what's so special about the position. No need to use vague words though. Keep it short if you got nothing special to add.

Some make it personal: For example, 'Are you a front-end developer that loves the fast pace, ever changing environment of modern web development? Do you want to be a part of a company that believes that a successful programmer always looks for new challenges to overcome and new skills to master? Yes? Join our team!'

Use bullets points to highlight the special thing/s about the job: Salary, benefits, special requirements, etc.

4. Responsibilities: Mention the kind of work involved ('you will be working on...'), the kind of experience needed ('you will have a successful sales background) and such.

You may also mention performance or success measures. 

5. Qualifications: Mention minimum and preferred qualifications (aka the 'nice haves' and 'must haves') - education, certifications, years of experience, etc. Don't forget to mention any 'absolutely necessary' qualification/s (certification, degree or second language), so you don't get deluged by unwanted applications.

Mention the key skills. This is especially important to make it searchable better.

6. Benefits: For example,

Competitive salary

Comprehensive benefits package

Ability to work from home

Collaborative work environment

Flexible schedules

6. Avoid buzzwords, cliches and all that unnecessary 'smart' words.

Only use the words you actually believe in and look for in desirable candidates - 'enthusiastic' will do, 'learner' has become so cliched, “the successful candidate” or “the ideal applicant” don't work much. 

7. You can ask for a cover letter (if you are mentioning your email address in your job ad): Even a short cover letter may show you that the candidate follows instructions, and is interested in the job more tha others, maybe.

8. Add disclaimers in the end: For example, “Only applicants meeting the requirements mentioned above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process”.

(sample job post on Truho)