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How To Write A Better Review

On Truho, people can leave their reviews for every business, product, service and event listed here.

The big idea: 'Informed opinion' and 'Actionable Intelligence'.

Basically, help others reach at a purchase consideration with your well-informed information.

1. Don't be angry and useless

Even if you didn't have a good experience, write about what you didn't like, why, and exactly what you liked and why.

Basically, a good reviewer is a good reporter. You don't see a BBC journalist getting all hyper while reporting the latest atrocity in Iraq.

2. Give the relevant details

Like a good reporter, mention when you bought the product/used the service, who served you, what you purchased, and so on. 

Details give context and bring justification to whatever you are trying to say.

If you complain that the service was very slow, and the point that you went during rush hours, that provides a context.

Kinds of quick positive reviews not to do: Reviews with phrases like 'the greatest', 'I loved it', 'something new and different', 'Can't stop thinking about it', 'I hope to return soon', etc

Kinds of quick negative reviews not to do: Reviews with phrases like 'Horrible', 'lousy', 'nothing great about', 'overpriced', etc.

3. Names aren't important, your experience is

Focus on the issue behind your complaint. Naming people makes you come off as vindictive, the objectivity is lost, and other people want to know what problems you faced - just write about experience and then say, the server was being very slow.

4. Write to be read

People read logical, coherent and grammatically correct articles. So, whatever made you angry, take a moment, organize your thoughts, collect the details, and try to write like a reporter would, and please, don;t go on and on.

And please use words that common people can understand.

5. Write under your real name (preferably)

Unless, it is some evil NSA type experience you have had, or some big bad corporation hiding behind an army of lawyers (even then you can stand your ground if you have your facts right), you will want to mention your real credentials, to assure readers of your authenticity.

You can also go one step ahead, and mention your contact details, for fellow readers / business owners to get back to you for more details.

6. Avoid vague generalities to buff up your complaint

We come back to the 'reporter' theme. You don't want to bolster your negative review with statements like 'I have heard other people having similar problems with Business A / Product A in the past'. Just focus on your own experience and the specific details

7. Use this quick review template (if reviewing is too big a task, but you want to be useful anyway)

Name of the business/restaurant/store/service etc

Pros: Specific, simple, highlights of your experience in 1-2 words, all comma separated (You see these on Amazon all the time)

Cons: Mention the date, what happened, your expectations, what actually happened, and end with your conclusions, if you have any.