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How To Promote Offers and Deals on Truho

Truho offers is our most favorite feature. Use this special Truho tool to promote your business. 

You don't need to be selling stuff on Truho. Publicize your ongoing offers/coupon codes, etc here.

A basic offer listing on Truho includes these details:

- Offer Type: There are eight kinds of offers you can promote on Truho.

% off - % Off on a Product Category - Amount off - Buy & Get Discounts - Buy & Get Free Stuff - Cashback- Contest - Flash Sales- Free Stuff - New Product Launch- Price Drop

- Offer Title (30 Characters Max.)

- Description (100 Characters Max.)

- Product Type

- Offer Valid till

- No. of Usages per Offer (number of times you will honor your offer)


Advanced offer listings include:

- Tags: E.g. Black Friday deal, Navratra deal, etc.

- Upload Offer Image

-  Redemption Code (Coupon Code Up to 16 Digits)

-  Applicable: Everywhere - Offline Store - Online

-  Redemption URL (Optional)

-  Web page URL (Needed in case of online offers)

-  Target Location (Optional): Target your offer to a location

Remember, you increase your Truho page followers with your regular sharing of offers and deals on Truho.