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How to Make Your Service Business Make More Money

1. To stand out, stand out.

How do you stand out from the field? Truth is, every service business is outrageously competitive. Stop doing the 'me too' marketing tricks. Instead focus on your excellent customer service, offering a range of services clients really need, we mean 'really need'. These two take some time to finetune, so at least point to the benefits/end results of each feature of your service/s, especially the end result - 'our hair coloring really lasts the whole party season!'

2. Be more visible, online and offline

Be everywhere your prospective clients are going to be - from Youtube hair care videos to wedding planners, from Facebook groups for hair care to newspaper/magazine articles on the latest hair style trends. Some will cost no/few dollars (e.g. curating best hair care videos) to some dollars (flyers, etc).

On Truho, use the 'news' feature and post regular news about your business/locality.

Also use the 'offers' to post special deals.

On your 'About' page, post a link to a video on Youtube of your business. Video is very helpful with search.

3. Bundles bring value to clients (without lowering the price)

Ever noticed why many successful salon have stickers like 'special wedding package only $...'?

4. Upsell, upsell

Sell new accessories to existing clients. Push 'annual subscriptions' to them. Bring out a 'rewards program' to lure in repeat purchase.

5. Set up a referral network

We talked about being everywhere your clients are likely to be. However, you can't be everywhere, you have a service business to run. Instead, make deals with people and companies who can throw in business at you, fro a commission - for example hair salons often ally with events planners.

And remember: Any service you may be in, never forget you are in the business of 'selling hope' actually.

Also read our guide 'How To Make Better Product Pages' for ideas on creating high-converting pages for your service/s.