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How To Have Better (And Successful) Businesses Presence On Truho

(A mobile-friendly home page of an actual business on Truho)

No, this is not one of those really long posts, with images and all. Just remember, as long as you bring something valuable for your customers/users, people will come visit your pages, use your offers/deals, purchase stuff and so on.

In a famous survey, people gave the following top reasons why they like business pages on Facebook:

- For discounts and promotions

- To get a 'freebie'

- To get access to special stuff

- To get regular updates on interesting and useful stuff

- To show their liking for the things the business is doing 

Truho tip #1: Post offers and deals regularly. The more offers you share, the more followers you will get, bringing you more business in the long run. You get followers who actually follow you for deals.

Truho tip#2: Post interesting short posts and images related to your business, the locality your business is in, the industry your business is in. Cover your business and locality like no one else, if you can. Show how passionate you are about the things in your industry, as well as in the people who live around your business location. 

Did you know? Posting things about your location will help you get more search visits from the search engines.