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How To Create Better Online Career Portfolios

(Truho page of a user)

Truho helps you create a useful career portfolio by giving the tools to

- publish your resume,

- publish your 'projects', where you can summarize and categorize all your work by theme/topic/date, and then links to them (websites, images, etc). You can even put in the images on the 'projects' page too.

We want to see you build a reputation online and succeed.

Start with a one line summary of your professional life so far, a sort of  an elevator pitch: E.g. After creating several small, fairly successful e-commerce websites, I am working on a my own b2b website for people in the food truck business.'

From a guide on 'good career portfolios' on The Success manual: 

Make sure each work sample is accompanied by an interesting, short writeup- a heading that explains the project, followed by a short paragraph about the project (history, purpose, results) and of course a 'hero image' (the best image that presents your work in best light).

Write about: Your creative mission statement/manifesto (if any), your origin story (how you found your style, what influenced you, experiences from past, etc.), people and organizations you have worked with in past, and provide some personal trivia (things like, a special hobby or interest, which many visitors may relate to).

If you have received recognition, have an awards/press section by creating a 'special page' on Truho.

Note: A common style often found on many 'About' sections:


I’m a ______.
I help ______ {make/build} ______.
When I’m not ______, you can find me ______.
Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.

 - Get testimonials from satisfied clients and show them in 'testimonials' section (create a 'special page' with this title on Truho).. It shows people you can deliver on your promises.

- Promote your work on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), share the best stuff on Behance, Flickr, Dribbble and deviantART. Some artists also like show off their working style and creative approach by filming the process on video and sharing it on YouTube.

- Be more interactive

Truho has the tools:

1. Dedicated Q&A section

2. 'Hire me' button on your resume and home page on Truho.